Will Acid Appear On Your Next Drug Screening?

Acid is a popular recreational drug, and a lot of people worry about whether they are going to end up losing their jobs, or facing probationary penalties if they are found to have been taking it. If you have recently taken acid, then you might be worried about the prospect of a drug screen.

In general, it’s wise to stay well away from legal drugs if you have a job with a drug testing requirement, you’re in the military, or you are on probation. It’s not a good idea to seek out LSD if you could lose your freedom or job over it.

lsdThe good news is that acid does not show up on standard drug tests. The methods that most employers and governments use do not screen for acid at all. Indeed, due to the tiny amount of the drug that is required to trip, it is almost impossible to detect it in urine – and the body will eliminate it within 48 hours.

Note: Most site users worry about marijuana showing up on their urine test. If that’s you, we recommend checking out our synthetic urine (learn more) guide to help you pass.

Note, however, that this is true of MOST drug screenings. Hair tests cannot measure LSD, at the moment, and most urine screens cannot, but some can. EMIT and Abuscreen can both detect LSD.

Abuscreen is a test that screens serum, stomach contents, whole blood and urine for LSD and its metabolites. EMIT is another screen that uses multiple vectors.

To be given these tests, you need to give your employer or probation officer reasonable suspicion that you have recently used acid. If they don’t have that suspicion then they’re unlikely to pay extra for the screening.

The US Military has stopped doing routine LSD testing – because, according to some reports, there were 2 million tests conducted over a three year period, and only four came back positive – it is not cost effective for them to include it on their panel.

This means that if you have used LSD you have nothing to fear, as long as your conduct has been good and you’re not broadcasting your habits to the world. There is always some risk of someone reporting your activities and an authority following up, but this risk is very small.

For most people, the chances of being screened for acid are so slim that there’s more chance of the government suddenly deciding to legalize acid use in general. Don’t panic if you get called in for a test.