Things to Consider About Waffle House Drug Screen

Although the question, “does waffle house drug test?” is a simple one, the answer isn’t clear cut. The company retains the right to test you, but the vast majority of its employees has never been tested. However, there are two cases when they most definitely check you – if you get hurt on the job, or if you are a manager.

Keep in mind – officially, some locations do administer the test in other cases as well. Like when there’s reasonable suspicion or when you blatantly talk about doing drugs at the workplace. In reality, that seldom happens.

If you’re applying for a management position, you’ll be tested before and after the training. And if you get injured, well, you better be prepared. The reason why they test employees in case of injury is to avoid paying the workman’s compensation.

So, you now that you know when they test and still think you might be in trouble, let’s see what your options are. Don’t give up on your job just yet.

Passing Waffle House Background Check

So how do you get the THC out of your system shortly before the test? You don’t. What you can do, and is probably even better, is get some synthetic urine. Sounds weird, but it’s manufactured for this exact purpose.

There are many brands of synthetic urine. Whichever you opt for, you’ll have to keep it on hand at all times. If you are not entirely trustworthy of artificial pee products, you can buy the real deal as well.

TestClear is a powdered kit that’s actual human urine. Both of these have a good chance to work, provided you follow the instructions correctly, and the test is unsupervised.

If it is supervised, don’t despair. You won’t be able to get the drugs entirely out of your system before the tests, but you can buy yourself a window of time during which the result will be clean. You can do it by taking the XXtra Clean Cleansing drink before the test.

After you’ve taken it, refill the bottle with plain water and gulp it all down. If you by any chance have a bit more time on your hands, take the pre-cleanse pills that come with the package the day before.

You should take each pill with 16 ounces of water over six hours. However, do not take the tablets within twelve hours before the test.