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If you haven’t come across a pee drug test in your life then consider yourself lucky. This is one of the most accurate lab tests to check if you’ve been using certain substances which are forbidden by your employer or by your school, for instance.

There are quite a lot of safety-centric firms such as air traffic control, for instance, or truck driver companies, who would even demand a pre-employment urine test. The same goes for doctors.

With this said, failing a test of the kind could have a serious impact on your career. This is where fake urine comes into the picture.

Yes, fake piss is a real thing. There are tons of products on the market that can help you out. But can you make it yourself? How is it made in general? Let’s have a look.

While technically it’s possible to create conditions close to the lab at home,

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Which Ingredients Are Checked by Lab Tests

image of drug test labNow, there are a few different substances which could be detected during a lab test. These include marijuana metabolites, amphetamines, cocaine metabolites, methadone as well as other opiates and narcotic substances.

During the test, the presence of each one of these is being checked. The simpler tests can possibly check just a few of them but the more complex ones will likely check for more than 10 different substances. This is something that you ought to account for.

Is it Possible to Make DIY Fake Urine?

The answer to this question is yes – you can make your very own fake piss. Whether or not you should, however, is a completely different question. Now, there are a few different ingredients that you will need. You can get all of these without any serious hassle. Let’s see how it goes.

Conditions For Making Fake Piss

The first thing to know is that you will get punished if caught, so begin all of your attempts with this thought in mind. There are a few things to consider here – you can either purchase the product online, or you can make it on your own. In reality, the reason why most people fail is due to an incorrect pee temperature.

The fake piss must pass a lot of different inspections. However, the thing that you need to ensure is present is the uric acid. This is an artificial sample which should have a smell as odorless ones are going to raise quite a lot of suspicion.

Making DIY fake pee is possible, even though it is not as easy. Below you will find a couple of recipes. If you manage to gather the necessary materials as well as the equipment and the chemical knowledge, you can craft your fake piss.

Artificial Urine Recipe #1

The ingredients that you need include:

  • Calcium Chloride – 0,64g.
  • Magnesium Sulfate – 1,14g.
  • Distilled Water – 33 oz.
  • Urea – 20g.
  • NaCl – 8,20g.

Recipe #2

This one complies with the pH as well as the pee smell which is given by the ammonia. It includes:

  • KCl – 2,8g.
  • NaCl – 14,1g.
  • CaCl2 – 0,6g.
  • MgSO4 – 0,43g.
  • Urea – 17,3g.
  • M HCl Solution – 33 oz.


image of DIY labNow that you have the ingredients, please note the process is not as easy as advertised. The instructions have to be followed closely. You need to put salt into a cup of water that’s already been warmed up.

Once you are done, add the food coloring and make sure to get the right color – make it look as if it is a nice, healthy piss.

The most important thing, once again, is to get the temperature right. This is what’s going to show that the sample has been tampered with in advance and this is not something to consider. It’s best to use some sort of thermal insulator to ensure that it remains at the same temperature while you transport it to the testing facility.


In the majority of the countries around the world, including the US, faking a sample of the kind is considered to be an offense and it is punishable by law.

The decision of that, however, would usually lie within the facility and administration which handle the test. If your parents have ordered the test, it is highly unlikely that they’d call the police if you were caught faking it. However, if you are dealing with authorities, expect some consequences.

Security of Drug Test Facilities

There are a few different things that could take place throughout the test. In some instances, you might be allowed to walk to the bathroom on your own or you might be escorted by someone else.

In other situations, the security measures might be substantially higher and the escort might demand that you go ahead and pull up your shirt for them – this is where you’d usually get busted.

In any case, it is best to research the matter in advance and make sure to be aware whether or not it is even worth the try.


While creating a DIY synthetic urine is absolutely possible in home conditions, the challenges of passing the urine exam are far more than just that. If you are going to be going through the test in a high-security testing facility, we recommend that you don’t even consider trying something of the kind – this is something that you have to account for as if you get prosecuted, the consequences might be rather serious.

If you are going to go through it, though, we suggest that you use a ready, pre-made product. There are plenty of great options which are easier to smuggle into the highest-security facilities than your own, hand-made fake piss.

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