Every day people take drug tests. Your next place of employment may ask you to take a drug test by the hair. Does that thought make you nervous?

Now you don’t have any reason to panic. You can perform a detoxification which removes all traces of THC metabolites from your strands. One detox procedure is called the Jerry G method. Marijuana users have used this method, and the results show it’s success.

While we recommend Macujo method instead, you can try either.

Just make sure you use Aloe Rid shampoo together or instead of other brands (read full review).

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What is the Jerry G Method?

Named after it’s creator, this method cleans the hair so you can pass the follicle test. But it’s not a simple procedure of washing with shampoo and conditioner.

The strand consists of three layers:

  • The cuticle
  • The cortex
  • The medulla

THC is found in the cortex which is protected by the cuticle.

The method consists of five products and eight steps. They’re all needed to open up the cortex and remove THC traces.

This method requires that you bleach and dye your hair twice within 10 days. Plan ahead so you can fit in all the necessary activities.

Step by Step Instructions

Jerry G has eight steps by which you change your hair color.

picture of baking sodaYou’ll need:

  • Baking soda
  • Peroxide bleach
  • 2 × Hair dye with ammonia
  • Toxin wash shampoo by Synergy Detox
  • Ultra clean shampoo

Step One

Stop using marijuana and other drugs before you start the cleansing.

Step Two

First bleach, then dye your hair. The dye needs ammonia and must be permanent. To avoid suspicion, try to find a dye that matches your natural shade.

Step Three

After you’ve bleached and dyed your hair, wash it with Toxin Wash Shampoo. Follow the instructions on the packaging for effective results.

Don’t blow dry your hair because it may not stand the heat, so that it can cause damage.

Step Four

At least 10 days after your last drug use bleach and dye the second time. Make sure the bleach and dye are the same as the first ones you used.

You need to remain clean from all drugs or else you have to start the procedure from step one again.

Step Five

Once again wash with Toxin Wash Shampoo.

Step Six

This step needs to be done on the day of your follicle test. Make a thick paste with baking soda and massage it into your hair.  Make sure your cover and massage your entire scalp area.

Step Seven

Wash for the last time with Toxin Wash Shampoo. Follow the instructions on the packaging and ensure your entire scalp is washed thoroughly.

Step Eight

Wash thoroughly with Ultra Clean Shampoo. Follow the instructions on the package.

Does It Work?

If you follow the instruction within the recommended timeline, the Jerry G should be effective. You have to remain clean during this time or else you negate all your efforts.

If you don’t have much time on your hands, you can try and reduce the timeline to seven days. But take note that most people who do this have failed the test.

This confirms that if you want a high chance of passing you should do the method over a period of 10 days.

The method has worked in removing other types of drug traces from the strands too.


Not only does the method work almost 100% of the time, but there are other benefits to using this method:

  • Jerry J is cheaper compared to the other cleansing procedure (the Macujo Method)
  • It’s effective for marijuana users who have little time to remove THC traces in their hair
  • The shampoos are easy to apply, and the instructions are simple to follow
  • There are no side effects of itching, burning or irritation when you use the shampoos
  • The products are easy to find and can be ordered for overnight delivery


Although this method has proved successful in many cases there are some disadvantages which may cause you to explore other options.

The disadvantages include:

  • The peroxide bleach can cause extreme damage. In many cases, people have cut their hair off after the drug screen so it can grow back healthy.
  • All five ingredients need to be used. This method takes long compared to others because you need to wait at least 10 days for the second application.
  • The Ultra Clean is only effective for 24 hours in which the natural oils can once again contaminate your hair.


What is the success rate?

There is no recorded data indicating the exact success rate. But according to research based on the opinion of others the method has worked almost every time.

Those that followed the instructions and got the right products were successful. If you do the same you’ll be ready for your upcoming drug test.

Any advice before using this method?

Pay attention to the following to ensure successful results:

  • Use a dye that contains ammonia. Natural dyes won’t be effective.
  • It’s important to remain clean. Wash sheets, clothing and anything else that your hair touches. Replace your brushes especially after each step. This protocol reduces the risk of being contaminated again.
  • You may need to dye three times if your hair is thick or longer than 6’’. However, it may be best to cut it shorter.

Now that you’ve learned the Gerry G method you can use it for your next drug test. You need to be aware of the damages it can cause to your hair. However, if a job or anything else is more important, this will be worth it.

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