You’ve applied for your dream job and passed the interview stage. Most of you would need to pass the urine test to guarantee the position. Even if you’ve been employed at a company for years, a urine test such as LabCorp may be scheduled.

If you don’t use any drugs, then you shouldn’t worry. But it’s a different story if you do consume drugs on a regular basis. If you’re worried you’ll fail the drug test, you don’t have to be anymore.

After much research, there is a way to cheat the test and have negative results. No, drinking plenty of water isn’t the answer. Many drug users have purchased synthetic urine. One of the best fake urine products has been useful in giving a negative result, so it seems you don’t use banned substances at all.

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There is one specific product that’s creating a stir in the market lately. Many drug users are trying to cheat the drug test by using Magnum Detox Fake Urine.

But is it all that it’s hyped up to be? You can be the judge of that.

What is Magnum Synthetic Urine?

image of magnum detoxMagnum Detox is one of the most popular artificial urine products on the market. What makes it a top option is it can be bought from the store. So if you need it urgently, it’s available immediately. But can you trust a store-bought fake pee?

According to the manufacturer, this product was designed to copy the baseline urine samples. There are different components which work together to deliver fake piss that the lab tests will read as real.

The kit is straightforward and has all you need to turn the pee from artificial to “real”. Included in the purchase is:

  • One vial of uric acid
  • A heating pad
  • Rubber band

You can store the product for two years. However, once you use the uric acid, it’s shelf life is reduced to seven days. So don’t open and mix the uric acid until you need to.

The testing labs look for the amount of uric acid in your pee. Uric acid has those components naturally found in your pee such as creatine, urea ammonia and more. This is why uric acid is a vital component.

But you need to get it to the same temperature as real pee. This is why the right use of the heating pad and temperature strip is also essential. If the synthetic pee isn’t at the proper temperature, the test will be an instant fail.

Instructions on How to Use It

Step One

Shake the container before heating or mixing.

Step Two

Heat the container in the microwave for about 10 seconds. It needs to be at the same temperature as our real pee which is usually between 94-100°F. If it’s not then pop it back into the microwave.

The temperature strip should give you an accurate reading. If the urine overheats, you need to wait for it to cool down before starting again.

Step Three

When the temperature is at the desired level shake it again. There are other particles in the fake pee that need to dissolve and distribute evenly.

Step Four

Warm the heating pad by shaking it. When you think it’s warmed up attach it to the container on the opposite side of the temperature strip. You can use the band to hold it in place. The heating pad should keep the pee at the desired temperatures for six to eight hours.

Step Five

When you’re ready to use the sample, you need to add the uric acid finally. Add it to the mixture and shake the container again.

Step Six

On the day of the test, pour the mixture into the container. Remember to hide it in your clothes. The container’s spout helps you pour easily.

Has Anyone Failed with Magnum?

image of failed drug testIt seems this product is popular because of the large marketing budget it has. The actual effectiveness of this product doesn’t live up to expectation.

The Magnum Synthetic Urine has only worked on a few occasions. It’s not wholly reliable, and people who have failed the urine test are proof of this.

The problem is the product fails to imitate clean pee even when you follow instructions carefully.

The main advantage of this product is it’s quick to mix the solution. Within 30 seconds the solution is mixed whereas other brands can take up to 30 minutes.

The product is unreliable because:

  • It produces too much creatine when it heats up. The improvement of test labs can detect the exact level of creatine our bodies produce. When the fake pee doesn’t match that level, it’s an instant fail.
  • It can be hard to achieve and maintain the right temperature.
  • It’s unable to imitate the urine after it expires and the expiration period is quite short.
  • When it’s expired the creatine levels drop significantly. There are no clear signs, and only the lab techs can tell you the sample is invalid.

One other major problem with Magnum synthetic urine is there are other substances which aren’t found in the human body. When the technician tests the urine and picks up on these substances it can cause you to fail.

The substances aren’t picked up because you didn’t follow instructions accurately. It’s simply that technology is advanced enough to trace these items.

Even with a high failure rate the company is not changing their formula to keep up with technological improvements. This means it may not be the right item to entrust your future to.

Not everyone has failed the test using this product but the majority has. This unreliability and inconsistency should make you pursue other options.

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Where To Find Magnum Detox For Sale?

You can buy the product online. One of the distributors sells it for $29.95. The package is 4oz which is enough for more than one test.

Another online distributor also sells this product. The company also sells it in a 4oz size. The price attached to the product is $28.

We recommend that you order Quick Fix instead from the official store.

Not only it’s better but it’s also cheaper if you buy in bulk.

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Magnum vs. Quick Fix 6.2


Overall the product has a higher chance of failing. The product is easier and faster to mix if you need it urgently. However, according to most reviews, it’s not reliable.

Quick Fix 6.2

Now if you want a product that is guaranteed to make you pass the results, Quick Fix Plus (learn more) is what you need. The brand guarantees that no other substances will be detected and it reflects as real pee.

The fake urine is created in a scientific environment to simulate real pee’s natural substances. The artificial pee produces substances which pass for real urine. It includes:

  • Balanced pH levels
  • Creatine
  • Urea
  • Other substances contained in real urine

This is how you make a fake product seem real!


The overall opinion of Magnum Detox Synthetic Urine is not good. This product is not recommended if you desperately need to pass your pee test. The mixture doesn’t produce all the substances that replicate real pee. And the ones that do, don’t match the levels found in the human body. The product has shown to fail many times and it does show signs of being fake.

Our rating: 3/5

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