Rhode Island Marijuana Legalization – Is Weed Legal In RI?

Many waited in anticipation for Rhode Island to legalize marijuana. Even so, the bill didn’t pass. Despite the optimism, Rhode Island did not approve the legalization of recreational marijuana for adults. It did increase the budget for medical marijuana businesses.

The governor had proposed a bill that included the legalization of recreational marijuana and increased the overall budget for medical marijuana businesses. The proposal to support Rhode Island marijuana legalization failed at least concerning recreational pot.

Why Was Weed For Recreational Use Not Legalized?

chart of rhode island marijuana consumptionA lot of people felt that the governor’s intentions were good, but they thought that it wasn’t enough. Because there were too many people who couldn’t come to any agreement, it ultimately got stripped from the bill. Rather than including that in the law, there were additional centers proposed for medical marijuana dispensaries1.

Lots of people, including legislators, were for legalizing the recreational use of marijuana. The problem was that the way the bill was written, it made changes to other areas that were unwanted.

The only way to approve it would have been to support those different areas, and those changes were seen as unwarranted. Since no one could come to any agreements and make appropriate changes, then the bill was voted down.

The People Hated Some Of The Restrictions

One of the big problems was the fact that the people contacted legislators, and many of them were expressing their dislike of the bill. It wasn’t legalizing weed that was the problem but rather the other changes that were put in the law. Many of them felt that it would stop them from doing what they’re already doing, and they wanted to be able to continue without having to change.

Even though many legislators and residents of the state disliked the bill, some felt that it had some excellent proposals. The legislators that agreed with the law said that it had rules in it that would help protect the residents of the state.

One example of this would be restricting marijuana that had over 50% THC in it. THC is the compound that has a psychoactive effect when it is consumed.

A bill introducing the legalization of recreational marijuana will likely be reintroduced down the road. If the law can be written in a way that a majority can agree on, then it is likely to pass. There are lots of people that would like to see the law passed.