These Funny Pot Emoji Are Getting ‘High’ Traction Thanks To Cannabis Lovers

The basic emoji has been around for quite a while now, but there has been an exponential rise in the number of new emojis entering the social media world. They offer a lot of options for people that would like to express an entire phrase with just one small image.

In addition to that, if a person is a little timid or shy, they can easily express themselves without coming out of their shell with just one small smiling picture of a panda bear blowing a kiss. There are now millions of specialty images available, like the weed emoji, that can also be found online as well.

One Smiley Face At The End Can Set The Tone

When writing text, either online or in personal messages, it’s easy for the receiver to misunderstand the tone or context in which a particular phrase was sent. However, by including some cute fox jumping up and down with heart flowing from its chest, there can be little room for doubt that the communication was friendly. That goes a long way in avoiding misunderstandings between two people.

Each different animal, along with the various props, can help direct the meaning of a conversation from joking, kidding, flirting, to anger, jealousy, hate, or hurt. They also serve as an effective way to cut down on the number of words that need to be typed to convey the emotional part of what’s being said. In short, there is no certain mistaking props to mean love when there are a dozen little hearts involved.

weed emoji

Another great thing about these little creatures is their ease of use. Most of them are now able to be reproduced across many different platforms with the use of Unicode code points. In other words, just a few symbols, in almost all the different platforms available, will produce the same smiley with a kiss, frown, grin, or other pertinent emotion.

That makes it easy for users to switch between their iPhone or computer using Twitter, Facebook, or a blog post, and still use the same simple symbols to get the same grinning smiley without having to look it up. There are now quite a few available with names like Budmoji. However, many of them are restricted to those over 17 due to the nature of the underlying meaning.

When it comes to the latest, and sometimes most popular pictures that can be sent, you’ll have to check places like the Google Apps, or the Apple App Store to get the latest, like the weed emojis. New ones are coming out daily to suit every user, and they are spreading around the world among certain groups sometimes in just days from being published.

Here Are Some Marijuana Emoji You Can Copy And Paste

  1. Tree: ??
  2. Fire: ?
  3. Cloud: ??
  4. Leaf: ?
  5. Pot: ?