Important – Will Baclofen Show Up During A Screening?

If you’re taking baclofen, you may want to know if it’s going to show up on a test. It’s not a scheduled substance, so the chances are that it’s not going to be tested for. To learn more about what testing is done for, read on to get the information you need.

When you get a screening, they are trying to see if you are doing any substances that will make it hard for you to do your work correctly. For instance, they are going to check you to make sure you’re not on meth or heroin because these substances make people not so good at what they do.

You need to make sure that you haven’t taken any illegal drugs recently or you’re going to fail and won’t be able to find any work that only lets you be an employee after a substance screening.

image of baclofenThere are prescription meds that are tested for when you get a screening. That’s why you’re going to have to make sure you have a prescription for everything that you are taking that are scheduled narcotics.

When you take a substance screen, they are going to ask you if you are on any medications and they may want proof that they are prescribed to you. For instance, they may ask you to bring in the bottles of medications you’re taking so they can make sure your name is on them, and the date is recent enough for them to be still something you’re supposed to take.

Sometimes, you can fail a screening due to a false positive. If this happens, tell the company that tested you that you didn’t do any of the drugs that you got a positive on so they can send it off to be looked at more carefully.

You don’t want to shrug it off and think that you’re in trouble because the screen was wrong. They will look further into it for you and then you’ll be in the clear by passing the more rigorous test.

Baclofen is not going to show up on a substance screening in most cases. However, there are times when medications cause false positives on drug screens. Luckily, if that happens, it’s not a big deal because the test will be more carefully examined and it will be clear that you didn’t have any drugs in your system that are against the company’s rules.