Bookmark This – Will Nyquil Show Up During A Screening?

Nyquil is often used to treat conditions such as allergies, colds, cases of flu, and certain breathing illnesses.

It is used by millions of people as their go-to medical option when dealing with these conditions. However, will this show up on a drug screen if you were to take one? Is this something you should be aware of before going in for the test?

In general, Nyquil is comprised of three specific ingredients – acetaminophen, doxylamine succinate, and dextromethorphan HBr. This makes sure it is a power-packed solution that can help with a wide array of issues in one shot.

Can Nyquil Make You Fail A Drug Screen?

image of nyquilYes, it will appear on a drug screen as they will be looking for these active ingredients. However, this doesn’t mean it’s illegal to take Nyquil as it is declared an “over the counter” medication. You are not going to be penalized for taking Nyquil, and that’s all you should be noted down.

The drug test is rigorous when it comes to analyzing the sample and taking a look at what you have ingested. This is going to include Nyquil, but it shouldn’t be a point of concern. If this is something you are worried about, then it can be mentioned beforehand as a way to avoid a positive test.


Now it may show up on a positive test, but you want to think about the dosages taken as well. If you are taking the recommended dosage as suggested on the packaging, then you will be more than okay. It is not going to lead to a positive test unless you are going over the required dosage.

In some cases, a doctor may recommend you to take a higher dosage, and that is when you have to be prepared for a positive test. Otherwise, it might not show up even if you are taking it on a regular basis.

Additional Factors

There are variables at play when it comes to Nyquil and its ability to appear on a drug screen. These variables are going to have a role to play in how your body is reacting to the medication and how the drug screening ends up going.

What are some of these variables?

You are going to have to think about the dosage, metabolism, length of treatment, and the timing of your last dosage. All of these variables will play a role.