Does Goldenseal Detox Work For Drug Tests?

The use of Goldenseal as an effective, when used to mitigate the outcome of drug screening, has rapidly seized the imagination of many who are seeking to avoid any of the penalties of a failed test.

However, according to a University of Maryland study, the use of Goldenseal is by no means effective in detoxing in preparation for a substance screen.

The origins of the belief that it is effective to seem to have their roots in the fact that Goldenseal is to a greater or lesser extent effective as a cleansing agent.

picture of goldenseal rootThat is because the chemical berberine which is found in Goldenseal can help to detoxify the body and cleanse it of harmful fungi, bacteria and other microorganisms which can cause harm.

The effects of Goldenseal have been backed up by studies at the University of Pittsburgh. However, many other studies have shown that it will have little to no impact of the results of drug testing.

Goldenseal can be used to detox. It is offered as an over the counter natural remedy. It can be taken in capsule form and also applied externally in the form of cream. Goldenseal is also available as a tea. Although adverse reactions to the use of Goldenseal are extremely extraordinary care should always be taken to adhere strictly to the recommended dosages that will be found on the packaging.

Where there are mild side effects, these will usually take the form of gastric upsets. But it bears repeating that dosage must be carefully monitored.

Excessive doses of Goldenseal can cause severe reactions including the development of stomach ulcers. Nausea, seizures and even difficulty in breathing. Some other serious complications can arise if the user exceeds recommended dosages.

For those who are interested in passing a drug screen a more common sense approach is highly recommended.

A more logical approach is to take a long-term view. To be assured of passing a screening, drug users should taper off usage at least 30 days before undergoing the testing. There are also some specialized scientific formulations that can assist in the product on clean urine for a screening.

However, care needs to be taken. Many of these products act only to mask drugs in urine. Newer tests see through this approach with ease.