Palo Azul Tea And Passing Drug Screening

Now and then the casual user of marijuana may decide that it’s time to take a break from the effects of THC to detox. This becomes especially urgent when one is scheduled to take a drug test.

The most effective way to do a detox and remove traces of the chemicals found in marijuana from the blood and urine is taking ones time about it. Ideally, an approach where 30 days at least is allowed would be the best one.

In some instances, a more rapid approach is required. In cases like this, some natural products can speed up the detox process.

picture of azul teaHowever, it is worth noting that there are also some scientifically formulated products that claim to work more effectively than simple natural remedies. A bit of investigation might be in order before choosing the exclusively herbal approach.

However, should you choose to go all natural, there are some approaches to take and products that may help the process. One of the herbs that have received a lot of attention is Palo Azul.

Palo Azul has been used in South and Central America for generations and is renowned for its detoxification effects. It is primarily used to treat kidney ailments and also to treat rheumatism and other pain associated with joint inflammation. It can also assist with weight loss and to treat urinary tract infections and diabetes.

Lately, it has gained a following as an aid to detoxification when people are trying to pass drug tests involving urine samples.

Palo Azul is available in a form that looks something like wood chips and is prepared as a tea. When prepared correctly the tea has a pleasing blue tint.

It can be used on an ongoing basis and will assist your body in dealing with many of the impurities that are the result of our modern lifestyle.

To obtain the best results from Palo Azul before taking a urine test, it should be prepared as follows.

The bark should be added to boiling water, and then this should be allowed to simmer for at least two hours. You can use up to two gallons of water. After the simmering process, you should end up with about 0.5 gallons of tea. Allow this to cool and add another 0.5 gallons of water. Then you should drink the entire gallon about two hours before the test.

The method is by no means foolproof, but for those who want to enjoy a natural approach to detox, it is certainly an approach that bears investigation.