Employer’s Policy – Does Comcast Do Drug Tests?

If you’re going to work for Comcast, then you have to deal with taking a drug screen. They use a 5-panel screening that checks for the most common drugs. Here is more about drug testing and this company so you know what to expect before you work there.

One thing you need to remember is that some prescription drugs will make a test negative. That’s why you have to let the people at Comcast know that you’re on a certain medication or two before you take the test.

comcastIf it shows up as a negative then they can send it to a lab to have it further scrutinized to make sure you were telling the truth about your medications. You may have to present your prescription bottles or get a doctor’s note to find out what they need as proof that you are on anything like amphetamines or opiates legally.

There are reports online that this company doesn’t deal with random drug screenings. They just want to make sure you are clean when you first get the job. Of course, there are times where you may end up needing to take a random drug screening like if you have an accident on their property.

That helps them, legally, because they can blame the accident on you being intoxicated. So, if you are doing any work for Comcast, don’t go to work high and make a mistake or that could be the end of your time there.

One drug they test for, marijuana, can stay in your system for a long time. Even if you smoked a week or two ago and don’t smoke a lot of weed, it can make the test show that you have it in your system.

Some people feel that this is not fair so they buy synthetic urine (see our recommended brands) and fool the test instead of using their own urine that may be dirty. Make sure you do your own home drug screen before you go in for a pre-employment screening to make sure you’re clean or to see if you need synthetic urine.

A drug screen is something you’ll have to deal with if you want to work at Comcast. The higher up your position is, the more likely they are to do more tests on you (read this if you’re facing a hair drug test). They want to make sure their employees are clean so they can do their jobs properly.