Do Dollar General Stores Drug Screen In The US?

Dollar General, a variety chain store in the United States, commonly drug screens their employees on a regular basis. According to Federal Law, this is legal on the grounds of creating a safe and drug-free work environment.

However, not all Dollar General stores in all states conduct these random tests and they are more common in Lubbock, TX, Goodlettsville, TN, Kissimmee, FL, Galatia, IL, Scottsville, KY, and Trenton OH. Employees are made aware of this condition of employment and are normally asked to sign an acknowledgment that they will be required to submit to a drug screen.

picture of dollar generalIn fact, in some cases, a drug screening is a condition of employment meaning that a job candidate may need to undergo a test before they are considered for employment. These screens are compulsory for all level of employees from executives to blue collar staff members.

Failing a drug screen is considered to be reasonable grounds for immediate dismissal. That is because the zero tolerance to drugs in the workplace forms part of their employee policy which all employees are required to read and sign before employment. If you don’t want to fail, check out our recommended synthetic urine brands.

But what does this mean and what are the grounds for dismissal?

Drug or alcohol use in the workplace or while on duty is strictly forbidden and immediate grounds for dismissal. This is entirely legal under Federal Law and there is very little recourse for employees who have been found to be using substances that may impair their ability to perform their job while at work.

Image of handcuffs and marijuanaHowever, Dollar General employees can also legally dismiss employees who use substances outside the workplace and test positive on a random drug screen. This is usually attributed to substances that stay in the bloodstream or urine for an extended period of time but may not affect an employees ability to function. The reason for dismissal here is not substance use but rather a failure to adhere to the company’s zero-tolerance policy and therefore entirely legal.

It is recommended that employees at General Dollar make their employers aware of acute or chronic diseases and illnesses which could result in a positive test. A doctor’s letter or prescription may need to be provided to prove that the substances are being used for medical reasons. Even in these cases, the zero-tolerance policy can come into effect and be grounds for dismissal.