Research – Does Nicotine Appear On Urine Or Follicle Tests?

Drug screenings bring with them a whole host of new questions about what is checked for and what is not.

This information is vital for those who wish to be prepped and want to know what is in front of them before a test is set up. This can be an intriguing question because it has layers to it and those will be unraveled here.

This read will help define nicotine, whether or not it’s detected by drug tests, and what exactly will show up.

What Is Nicotine?

image of nicotineNicotine is a chemical compound and is an extension of nitrogen. It can be found in numerous sources including the most famous being a tobacco plant. In general, nicotine is not a harmful chemical compound but is one of the more addictive compounds on the planet.

This makes it hard to get off of and can lead to a serious addiction to the plant itself.

It has also been cited as being compared to heroin when it pertains to how severe the addiction can be to get rid of.

Will Cigarettes Show Up On A Drug Screen?

No, it will not show up in a standardized 5-panel urine or hair follicle drug test.

The drug screen is only going to be looking for signs of marijuana instead of nicotine. However, there are specific situations where a “nicotine test” is run, and this can be due to specific operational requirements (i.e., most plastic surgeries), and it does look for the chemical compound.

Please note, the reason a standardized 5-panel drug test doesn’t look for nicotine has to do with the legality of it. The compound is not deemed illegal and therefore doesn’t get looked at during the drug screening.

Removal of Nicotine

Let’s assume a person has been smoking cigarettes; it’s essential to know how long it lasts in the system.

In general, studies have shown nicotine is only going to last in the human body for 1-3 days. However, its initial decline is rapid and will only last a few hours at most. There are a few traces left in the bloodstream after 2-3 days.

Cotinine is what nicotine can metabolize into, and that is renowned for lasting up to 10 days at a time before being released. It’s also important to note; nicotine traces are often found in hair follicles for up to 90 days.