Target’s Drug Screening Policy For Interviews

Does Target, the retailer, do a drug screening on their employees and what kind? The answer to the first question is yes; they usually make you take a urine screen before you can work for them. How do you know if you’re going to be able to pass? Here’s some advice to get you started.

image of Target logoWhen you smoke just a little bit of marijuana, it can stay in your system for quite some time. So, before you go to work for Target, you’re going to want to give yourself some time from the last time you smoked. You want to wait a month at least, and even then you may still have some in your system if you were a heavy smoker before you tried to land a job.

If anything, give it a month and a couple of weeks, and you should be in the clear. But, if you want to make sure, you should use an at-home drug testing kit.

You’re going to want to try a testing kit at home and you can find the best ones by doing a little bit of research. You want to make sure that you test yourself before going in for a job interview or even before you apply so that you know whether you are clean or not.

You may want to buy two kits so if you fail one, you can give it some time and check yourself again. There are products for every type of substance that companies check for so be sure you get the right kind of home testing kit.

image of Target interviewThere are ways to get around a drug screen if you want to use products to help you pass. For instance, there are detox products that you can use that will make your urine clean for a certain amount of time after you use them.

There are also places where you can buy fake urine (check our guide for trusted sources). The thing about artificial pee is that you have to make sure you keep it at body temperature or you’re going to set off alarms and probably will have to take the test again.

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Now you know that Target does a drug test and what you can do to pass it. You want to be careful if you’re doing any kind of drug before a screening because it could end up losing you a job that you’re trying hard to get.

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