Can A Urine Drug Test Tell Male Vs. Female Gender

Are you facing a situation where you need to be able to pass a urine testing for drugs? Do you have worries that you might not be able to achieve the outcome you want? One solution that many people opt for is to use a clean urine sample from one of their friends or family members.

However, there are growing concerns about the testing methods being used and what can be detected with a drug test. The modern testing options are far more advanced than a few decades ago. If you are wondering whether or not the sample you provide can be tested for gender, the answer is probably no.

image of urine screeningYou might need to take a drug screening for many different reasons, including certain medical and legal obligations. In these cases, the paperwork that you have signed might have additional wording that allows the facility to perform whatever kind of test they deem necessary. However, it is unlikely that gender testing would fall within any acceptable parameters.

Because of this, if your worries are about someone finding out the difference between how you identify yourself and your body parts, you don’t need to. Undoubtedly, any medical treatments would include this information, as would history with the legal system.

Now that you have that worry out of the way, it is important that you make sure you are well prepared for any test that you must take. If possible, find out exactly what substances will be tested for long before the actual date.

Some facilities and programs stick to a certain one. You can find that some only check for a few substances while others create multiple readings that include the latest designer drugs.

Also, you should keep yourself well hydrated. Whether you are planning to take a drug screen soon or are unsure when your next one will be, drinking plenty of water each day will help your body to cleanse itself naturally. You will look and feel better as a result.

If you are interested in protecting your privacy while meeting the requirements of a drug test, you don’t need to worry about gender testing in most cases. Whether you are applying for a job, borrowing some pee or otherwise in need of this information, you now know the answer. Take care of yourself and your health by always understanding the implications of the choices that you make.

Whether you decide to use someone else’s pee or synthetic urine, you’ll need a special device to sneak it to the testing facility. In case of supervised test, we recommend Monkey Dong for guys. The female/unisex version is called Monkey Whizz and also has a good track record.