Are you the type of person that likes to keep your work and social life separate? For those who are searching for employment, the two worlds can collide if you must take a urine pee test. Although there are products sold that can flush your system, they take a long time to work.

Instead of flushing your system (which usually doesn’t work), you can purchase an artificial urine to use on test day. But that begs the question: Which one should I choose? Are they are all the same?

One of the best options available is the Monkey Whizz. It is not expensive, and the results speak for themselves. Go to any drug testing forum, and you’ll see nothing but positive results.

Monkey Whizz can be shipped overnight, and they are very discreet with the packaging, so it will not draw any attention. It’s also less expensive than many of the other brands of fake piss.


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image of monkey whizzPackage Contents

You can only order the Monkey Whizz online. The good news is that it can be shipped overnight, and the package does not have anything on it that would make others suspicious. The name will not show up on your credit card either, so that is an added security.

Each kit will include the following:

  • 1 cotton elastic belt that is adjustable
  • 1 urinator kit
  • 1 temperature strip
  • 1 3.5oz synthetic piss
  • 2 heating pads

How to Use / Instructions

Monkey Whizz is super easy to use. The main thing to remember is that the synthetic pee must be the right temperature. If you have the temperature correct then passing the urine test will be easy.

The kit will come with two heating pads. When you are ready to begin preparing, open one of the heating pads and stick it to the flask of fake piss. Stick the heating pad right between the bag and the belt. The heating pad does not have to be perfectly straight if it is against the flask of urine. Next, wrap the belt around your waist and adjust to a comfortable fit.

The temperature strip should be touching your skin, and the tubing should be pointing downward. If the tubing is too long, it can be cut to the desired length. Just be careful not to cut the tubing too short or you could have problems when going to drain the pee into the testing cup. It is recommended that you wear the flask one hour before the time of your urine testing.

The temperature must be between 89-100 degrees. If the temperature is not right, the fake piss will not be accepted by the testing company. If you are worried about getting the temperature right, there is always the option of wearing the flask for a couple of hours. The heating pad is good for 8 hours, so you have plenty of time.

Where To Buy / Cost

Monkey Whizz should only be bought online from the authorized dealer. Here is a warning for those of you who are always looking for a bargain. The product is sold online at deep discounts on websites like Amazon and eBay. Although you can get it for a lot less money, there is a catch.

The kits sold for the discounted price are usually past the expiration date. Getting it for cheaper will not pay off if you end up flunking the drug test. Saving money is a clever idea but do not risk it with this kit. Our recommended dealer always has fresh supply so you can be sure it hasn’t expired.

Believe it or not, the cost for Monkey Whizz is less than the price of other fake pee kits. It has the best reviews and is still cheaper, so it makes it a great deal. If you think you will be having multiple piss tests, then you can order the twin kits just to be on the safe side. When it comes to being ready for your drug tests, it is better to be safe than sorry.

Our rating: 5/5

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Monkey Whizz vs. Whizz Kit

Do not mistake one for the other. These are two various products sold by two different companies. If you are not planning on using the artificial piss for passing a drug test, then feel free to purchase the Whizz Kit. But, Monkey Whizz can pass a urine test for drugs, and you do not want to risk failing.

Monkey Whiz has been noted by people all over the world to produce excellent results when it comes to passing the drug tests. The Whizz Kit does not have the same reviews and is considered very risky for use with employment drug screening.

Serious Monkey Bizzness has just released a product that is the highest quality synthetic piss available on the market. What is even better is that it costs less than the other brands that are available online. This product is the same as human urine only it is made in a lab. All the same chemical components of human pee are in this product.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a female version?

MonkeyWhizz is made for both males and females. The urine is made in a lab and has all of the same chemicals and elements that real human pee has. The flask is easy for both males and females to use and just needs to be heated to the right temperature. The company also makes a male version specifically for supervised tests – Monkey Dong.

Does it contain uric acid and creatine?

Yes, Monkey Whiz contains uric acid and creatinine. If it is found in human piss, then it will be in this product. Monkey Whizz is produced in a lab; this product has the highest success rate when used for urine drug testing. Each time it’s ordered the kit comes with everything you will need including heating pads and temperature test tapes.

There is no reason to panic when you have a urine drug test coming up. There will be times when you have been partying and smoking and find out a couple of days later that a company wants to hire you. If you are searching for a new job and expect to be tested, it is best to have Monkey Wiz on hand.

These kits are also sold in twin sets so that you can always have some on hand in case of a surprise test that you were not expecting. This brand is cheaper than the other products selling as synthetic pee and you will have the security of knowing you have the best available fake urine (our comprehensive guide).

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