What Does Methadone Show Up As On A Drug Test?

In the past generation, drug testing has changed from being something primarily given to people with legal and addiction struggles, to something necessary for virtually everyone.

Today, many employers screen all potential employees and have random screening for everyone on staff. These and other institutions that require drug testing have left many folks attempting to understand what is and isn’t included in the test.

image of methadone pillsThere are several different types of tests out there, ranging from those that screen for one substance to labs that look for dozens of substances. Five, seven and ten panel tests are the most common, due to cost constraints for more extensive testing. These screenings focus on the most abused substances, often including heroin.

However, methadone is generally not on a drug test. It is important to recognize that this is not set in stone. The fact is that screening agencies can choose which substances they want a person tested for.

If you have a history that includes methadone abuse, it is probably that your outpatient rehabilitation program will include it in your UAs.

Heroin addiction is one of the most serious situations rehabilitation clinics see. Quitting is very difficult, even for the most determined and supported individual.

Fortunately, there are some ways that the negative side effects can be diminished. Many addicts opt to use a local methadone clinic for treatment. These facilities provide the drug to patients who are addicted to opioids and wish to quit.

Not only does methadone help to alleviate the symptoms of withdrawal, but it can also minimize cravings as well. Patients who have opted for this route of getting off of heroin or other opiates will not get the same “high” that they did before when using opiates. These folks also find it easier to go about their daily lives rather than being shackled to the floor with withdrawal symptoms.

Although these clinics are perfectly legal, many people fear that potential employers will find out during a screening. It can keep them from seeking out positions that they are qualified to handle. If you are among them, take heart.

The drug screenings used by employers don’t include this unless perhaps you are applying for a job at a rehab center. Even then, they are likely to stick to the most common testing groups.

Methadone has helped many folks to quit Oxy, heroin and other opiates. If you are facing a test with methadone in your system, it will not show up the way that these other drugs do.