When Does Taco Bell Do A Drug Test?

Taco Bell is a place that you can work at without having to take a drug test in most instances. For example, if you want to work at a location near you as an entry-level hire, you’re probably not going to have to take a screening. But, if you want a higher position in the company, it may be necessary.

If you want to work at Taco Bell, don’t sweat it when it comes to drug testing. You can get an entry-level job, and they won’t check you for drugs. That doesn’t mean that you should show up to work high or anything like that, because you don’t want to get fired for something of that nature if you need the job.

It’s relatively easy for people to notice other people that are high or drunk, so keep that in mind when working at any place whether they require drug testing or not.

image of taco bell memeThere are some positions in the company that require drug screening. For example, if you want to get a management position or you want to work on the corporate side of things, you may be required to pass a drug test.

That’s because you’re going to be making more money and you’ll have more responsibilities when compared to the people that are working at the Taco Bell locations in entry-level positions. Before you go to work for Taco Bell at a higher job level, make sure that you have been clean from drugs for a while so you can pass your test.

If you need to pass a hair test, check out our guide here. For urine exams, we recommend synthetic urine (learn more).

When you get a drug screen, make sure you are honest about what kind of medications you take. And, make sure you wait at least a month to take a test if you have smoked marijuana or if you have done any drug really in the past few weeks.

If you’re not sure if you’re clean or not because it hasn’t been that long since you did any substances, you can test yourself at home. At drugstores, you can buy testing kits so you can see whether or not your urine is dirty.

You’re going to have to take a drug screen if you want a management position at Taco Bell or if you got into an accident while working. Otherwise, you don’t have to worry about taking a drug test to work there at an entry-level position.