Employer Overview – Whole Foods’ Drug Testing Policy

When looking for a job, understanding the drug testing policies of the companies that you are applying for is one of the ways that people make sure they are able to secure themselves gainful employment. However, there is often some nuance in policies, making it difficult to understand when you should apply for a job if you have a history of drug use.

Generally, this worries people who have been smoking marijuana, even if it has been prescribed, as federal law has not yet caught up with state law and a large number of companies are still trying to comply with federal law above all else.

Do you think you might have an upcoming drug test? There are two major ones to look out for:

picture of whole foods storeThe company in question today is Whole Foods, which was recently acquired by Amazon and which is known for being a popular store for health-focused individuals. Because the store started out in areas with more liberal policies, it is often assumed that they will do no drug testing and that they are going to be a great place to work.

However, this isn’t entirely true, and there are a number of instances where it would be a bad idea to apply if you are going to be consuming even medical drugs.

The first reason that they test is if you are working with any machinery or anything with large moving parts. This means that anyone who is working as a stocker or who is going to be working with a forklift will generally find themselves undergoing a test.

This is not usually an ongoing test, but there will be another one done if someone who works in one of these positions has an accident, which makes it important to not apply for these positions if you feel that you could be a danger to yourself or those around you. Some locations will test everyone who has access to the compactor as well.

The other reason that they test is for those who are going into management. Making sure that managers have a good head on their shoulders and are going to be able to take care of the needs of their employees is extremely important.

Overall, the odds of being tested if you apply for a position at Whole Foods are rather high. There are some positions that won’t require testing, but the company can test you if you are involved in an accident that looks like it could have come about from the abuse of drugs or alcohol.