Our Research – Do Olive Garden Restaurants Drug Test Before Hiring?

Drug testing is becoming increasingly common in the world of work. There was a time that it was something that was limited to high-risk jobs and jobs that had a significant element of responsibility to them – things like working with medicines or chemicals or being on the road for long hours where you might be a public safety hazard if you were intoxicated.

Today, more companies are looking at drug testing as a way to ensure that they hire employees that are responsible. After all, if an employee is taking controlled substances, then they might be unreliable, and they might not offer the best customer service – especially if they start indulging the night before a shift.

image of olive garden memeOf course, some drugs are “controlled” but that is more socially acceptable than others, and some people may have used drugs recreationally recently, and then decided to look for a job, only to fear that they have ruined their employment prospects in one festival weekend.

The good news is that some companies don’t tend to a drug test. Olive Garden, for example, do not currently (at least according to employees that work there as of the start of 2021) drug test for servers, trainers, hostesses or bartenders.

This means that if you’re in college and you’re looking for a job that is with a well-known company so that you can have some stability while you study, then you have the option of working for them.

Olive Garden is a huge employer, and they will accept hosts over the age of 18. They offer flexible hours, and they have branches all over the country. They are well-reviewed regarding the working culture.

Each server has to work three tables, and they will have to keep busy looking after everyone on those tables. It’s a busy job – and you probably wouldn’t want to do it under the influence – but if you pay attention during training you’ll get good at the job, and you’ll enjoy yourself and hopefully make some good money too.

Olive Garden is an excellent employer to work for, and the lack of drug testing means that even those who have used drugs recently have a chance at getting a job. If you get the job, pay attention to training, and hopefully, they will do well.

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