How Accurate Is First Check Drug Test?

First Check Drug Tests are well-regarded as being a go-to option for those who are looking to analyze urine for traces of chemicals.

These drug screens are meticulous, detailed, and built to offer wholesome results to those who are looking for them. Let’s take a look at how reliable these are.

What Does It Look For?

It’s important to start by listing what these screens look for before coming up with a reliability rating.

Picture of At Home 12 Drug Testing KitThese at-home kits can detect an array of substances and compounds such as the ones listed below.

1) Ecstacy
2) Marijuana
3) Opiates
4) Oxycodone
5) Methadone
6) Barbiturates
7) Cocaine
8) Amphetamines
9) Methamphetamine
10) Tricyclic Antidepressants
11) Benzodiazepines
12) Phencyclidine

99% Accuracy

In general, the First Check is 99% accurate based on the countless tests that have been and continue to be run to this day.

The accuracy is down to the streamlined setup that can pick up tracers in the list of substances that are tested for. Of course, these results are still dependent on a set of variables and will vary from person to person but in most cases, it comes out to be 99% accurate.

This doesn’t mean however that this kit cannot be cheated. For info on how to pass urine drug screenings, we recommend this synthetic urine article.


Please note, this method is dependent on when a substance was ingested, how long for, and how much. These are variables that play an important role in how the testing goes and how quickly it is processed.

It is also essential to recognize how the system works while cleansing these substances.

For example, marijuana (THC) will stay in the human body for a minimum of 2 hours and a maximum of 40 days (see how long does it stay in your hair) depending on all of the variables listed above. This is why it is important to have the screening done with the timelines in mind to know how accurate it will be.

Based on countless reviews and studies, this brand is a winner and is able to offer tremendous reliability when it comes to accurate data. It is able to pinpoint tracers in the urine and make sure everything is analyzed down to the last detail. This makes it easier to have conclusive findings and know it is going to be as accurate as it needs to be for the process to work out.