Last updated: September, 2021

If you have just found out that you are going to be drug screened and you are a weed smoker it may cause some panic. What is even worse is that you have found out that your hair is going to be tested instead of your urine. Some things can be done to help you pass a strand test.

Relax and stop smoking the marijuana for now. After you pass your drug screen, you will have plenty of time to indulge. Some tips and procedures can help you pass and come through with flying colors.

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How Much Pot Do You Smoke?

image of thc in strandsOnce

The likelihood that the marijuana will be detected in a follicle drug screen is very slim. You can still do the hair detox to be on the safe side, but you shouldn’t be overly worried.


Although the strand test goes back about 90 days, even the traces of THC-COOH can be picked up during the testing. Even if you are a light smoker, it is advisable to do a hair detox before the scheduled screening.


If you are a medium weed smoker then it is time to give up the smokes until after the screening is done. There are good detox procedures that are available on the market, and you should get to work on getting them and beginning the process.


Put the weed down and get to work on the detox for your body and hair. Detoxing your strands may take a few rounds, and you will need to start now. If your drug test has already been scheduled, then it is time to whip your hair into shape for the testing.

Because you are a heavy smoker, it will take some time and effort to detox your follicles. Detoxing with the most effective methods are worth it to pass the follicle screening.

Each Hair Test Differs

picture of body hairEach hair drug screen will differ depending on the lab where the samples are being sent. Each company that is doing the drug testing will choose the lab of choice or which lab they have a contract with.

Most of the drug tests will check for illicit drugs including marijuana, cocaine, opiates, phencyclidine, and amphetamines. The amount of time the strands are tested for usually goes back about 90 days.

Some labs will be instructed to go back a year in time to check for drugs, but this is very unusual. After going for the strand drug test, the person being tested will usually get the results of the test back in about three days. If you do not get the results, the company will receive them and let you know whether you passed or failed.

The length of hair that is used is usually about 1.5-2 inches. If you shave your head or are bald, then the sample can be taken from other parts of your body. The hair can be from your chest, arms, and legs. Most of the follicle drug screens are performed the same way and are considered to be more accurate than the urine tests.

How Accurate Are the Tests?

Testing the hair for drugs is more accurate than the urine tests that are still used by some companies. Performing the follicle testing can tell if the person has used illicit drugs in the past three months. There are also tests that can go back about a year.

It is important to note that the THC-COOH is stored in your follicle, and some of the tests can tell whether you were a heavy or light smoker of marijuana. The strand test can also determine if you have been using other illicit drugs and the amount of use.

Because the follicle testing is more accurate than the urine screenings, it is important that you detox your hair before the test is performed. There are many detox shampoos and procedures that can help get the toxins out of your strands and scalp.

Remember, just walking by someone that is smoking pot can cause you to fail a follicle drug screen. It is important not to be around anyone who is smoking pot. If someone has been smoking, then do not let them touch you until they have changed their clothes and washed their hands.

It is always better to be safe than sorry when it comes to drug testing and your employment.

Can You Get THC Out Of Your Hair?

You can get the THC and its byproducts out of your hair by using different methods and detox shampoos. The good thing about detoxing your hair and scalp is that it can all be performed in the privacy of your home.

Some of the best detox shampoos are pricey, but in the end, you will be happy you spent the money to pass the test. You would end up losing a lot more money if you failed the drug screening and didn’t spend the money on getting the right products to detoxify your hair.

The Macujo Method has also been proven to work and many still use this method to detox before a follicle screen. This method includes 7 steps that must be followed exactly. The Macujo Method has helped even the heaviest of smokers pass the hair drug screens.

The Jerry G Method has been used with great results among those who smoke pot on a regular basis. This method consists of 8 steps that must be followed. This method uses more chemicals than the Macujo Method and may take some time to get your hair back to normal after your drug testing.

Both methods work and will give you the results you are looking for with the follicle testing.

We recommend using Aloe Rid with either methods to be sure you’ll pass


In conclusion, there are ways to beat a strand test even if you are a heavy smoker. Some of the shampoos to detox your hair will be a bit costly but they have been proven to work.

The Macujo Method and the Jerry G Method have given remarkable results even among the heaviest of smokers. When you are getting ready to have your hair tested for drugs it is best to follow the methods step-by-step so that way you know you will pass the test when it comes time.

The two previous methods have been used for years and are named after those who have found what works. If you smoke pot and want to pass the follicle screening (see our full guide), it is advisable to stop smoking as soon as you know you will have a screening.

The best time to begin with detox is about 10 days before the test. If you are not given the 10 days, then begin as soon as you are given the word. Follow all of the directions thoroughly and you will do good. Do not substitute any of the ingredients for something that costs less because it could cause you to fail.

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